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11 Amazing Affirmations for Attracting Abundance

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”; it’s not just a cool saying because it rhymes. You literally attract energies that vibrate at the same frequency that you are vibrating. By elevating your frequency daily, you’re attracting abundance into your life. It isn’t just money or love, but can be clients, creativity, the right people and connections or experiences you are dreaming about. This is powerful, so be careful what you wish for! But attracting abundance can be as simple as repeating affirmations to guide the universe to what you want.

11 Affirmations for Abundance

Repeat these affirmations every morning for the next 30 days and feel the magic shift inside of you. Also, feel free to fill in some blanks or make the words fit for your vocabulary for an even more personalized experience.

1.Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

2. My life is overflowing with opportunities of growth.

3. I am open to the flood of illuminating abundance.

4. I trust the divine timing of the Universe.

5. I am wildly capable and attract massive amounts of happiness.

6. I have boundless energy and endless flow of creativity.

7. I am tuned into positivity and prosperity.

8. I vibrate at a high frequency and attract like-minded individuals into my life.

9. My income is constantly increasing and I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

10. Today, I am excited about everything because I attract the right opportunities my way.

11. By investing in myself, my success is inevitable.

How to Get Actual Results

The best way to get results is to repeat them daily (preferably in the morning in front of the mirror), but the next best option is to record yourself saying them. That way you have a voice memo to play during times where your focus is inadvertently shifting that will help you get back on track. PRO TIP: If you’re really motivated, write them down as reminders on your phone so that throughout the day, you will get a notification reminding you that you’re amazing.

Using I AM & Co Affirmation Cards to Ease the Process

Creating a habit is easier said than done. That’s why having a physical deck of cards with positive affirmations can really help to keep you accountable. When you’re lacking inspiration, draw a card and speak out this powerful affirmation to attract abundance. Simply pull out a card from this beautifully designed deck by I AM & Co and repeat the affirmation out loud. Watch as you transform into the identity of the highest version of yourself through this personal growth work. Each deck has 30 unique cards with prompts to keep you feeling good and taking care with ease.

Have you had positive experiences with affirmations and attracting abundance? Drop a comment below to share your story!

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11 Amazing Affirmations for Attracting Abundance | ohcocoon.com | #affirmations #attracting #abundance
11 Amazing Affirmations to Attract Abundance | ohcocoon.com | #affirmations #attract #abundance


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