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20 Gift Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

Ahh, the holidays! To illustrate, picture the crowded stores, the never-ending cash register lineups and the futile hunt for parking. The race for gifts can get stressful! But it doesn’t have to be. This guide is mindfully created to save you from the shopping overwhelm. With 20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs, you can help that person in your life to style her office, boost her creativity, grow her mindset, practice pressing pause and indulge in sweet self-care. By all means, use it to treat yourself!

Many of the gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs curated in the guide are by small businesses or female creatives. That means you can feel good that your dollars will be empowering women’s dreams. Shop easily with the direct links and save with exclusive discounts for the Oh Cocoon community. So, grab a cup of tea, cuddle up and savour this year’s holiday shopping from your own little cocoon.

Gift Ideas for the Office

20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs for the office | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas #office #businesswoman

1. Pixie Mood Laptop Backpack

Give your gal pal the gift of commuting in style with this vegan leather bag. Pixie Moods minimalist design remains practical by fitting a 13-inch laptop. Even more exciting is its versatility. You can easily switch the straps from backpack to shoulder bag with a few simple maneuvers. This bag remains a mindful way of going from the office to café-hopping without compromising on functionality or style.

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2. Rose Quartz Bookends

Share universal love and healing with these rose quartz bookends covered in three layers of gold leaf foil. This crystal has properties that open up the heart encouraging self-love and friendship. It’s the perfect gift to share positive energy with your biz bestie that loves to read. Find these one of a kind rose quartz bookends on Etsy by Design Pretty to enhance any creatives bookshelf.

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3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are essential for any creative entrepreneur to be focused at the office. This pair of Sony over-ear noise cancelling headphones is a must to tune out all distractions. It even has touch controls and voice activations. Help your boss babe to stay productive with battery life offering 30 hours of uninterrupted audio bliss. That means soaking in the quality of the music or even bingeing on business podcasts. 

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4. Rachel Tights Subscription

Embody the essence of confidence with these high quality tights by Rachel. Shop personalized recommendations from their in-house stylists and add some femininity to your friends wardrobe. With flexible subscription options, she can receive brand new tights delivered every month to keep the gift giving throughout the year. Above all, they are manufactured in Italy from sustainable and ethical sources, so you won’t have to worry about those unforgiving nylon tears.

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Gift Ideas for Boosting Creativity

20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs to boost creativity | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas #boostcreativity

5. In Her Studio Magazine Subscription

In Her Studio is a quarterly publication specifically designed to showcase spaces and stories of creative women. Each issue comes with featured artists to inspire creativity, share advice, suggest exercises and insights into the daily routines of their creative process. These gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs will make sure they are safe from ever lacking inspiration again!

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6. The Nue Co Nootropics

Nootropics are cognitive supplements that will heighten mental clarity and sharpen focus. These are specifically used to increase neurotransmitter activity and fuel the brain, allowing the creative juices to flow. Adaptogenic extracts are added to help reduce cortisol response and anxiety, letting the brain focus on creating rather than worrying.

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7. Modern Sprout Chamomile Growing Kit

This DIY chamomile growing kit allows your friend to step away from her creative blocks. Creating something with her hands helps to clear her mind and boost creativity. Added bonus; drinking tea is known to improve mental clarity, thereby resulting in faster, a more focused and creative thought processes. Modern Sprouts kit comes with a complete hydroponic system and non-GMO chamomile seeds. Allowing to bring her the holistic qualities of the herbs, sans frustration.

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8. Create & Cultivate Conference 

For the entrepreneur that wants to create and cultivate the career of their dreams. The core focus of C&C conferences is to help take her career to the next level. They are designed to entertain, enlighten and inform women. Key topics including the #sidehustle life and the real talk that comes with being a modern working woman. These gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs are an elevating experience, which can also be combined with a membership to C&Cs Insider digital resource hub.

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Gift Ideas for Mindset Growth

20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs for mindset growth | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas #mindset #mindsetgrowth

9. Dreamy Moons Manifest Journal

A handwritten, illustrated guide to practical manifestation and discovering everyone’s unique magic. The perfect gift for the entrepreneur with a penchant for spirituality, Manifest is a journal that will transform her thoughts into reality. If that wasn’t inspiring enough, $1 from every purchase goes to reforestation and sustainability practices to thoughtfully give back to the planet.

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10. To Be Magnetic Manifestation Course

Lacy Phillips is a manifestation expert that goes beyond the typical positive affirmations model most gurus preach about. Her work will take your gal pal into her subconscious to reprogram her limiting beliefs. A truly magical course for the entrepreneur that is lacking clarity. It’s a wonderful gift for upleveling business and understanding the Law of Attraction. Read an in-depth review of the course and how to bust through subconscious limiting beliefs.

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11. Jenna Kutcher Gold Necklace

We all have days where we feel inadequate to run a business. Sometimes it’s not feeling worthy of all the praise for our accolades. For the times when your biz bestie needs to hear it most, this 18k gold-plated necklace with the words I Am Enough will be sure to keep her motivation going. Another recent addition is a necklace with the words “I Am Worthy” for those struggling with self-worth. A thought-leading voice in the female entrepreneur community, Jenna Kutchers courses are also an undeniably helpful gift for her business growth.

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12. Headspace Meditation Subscription

Gifting health and happiness doesn’t get any better than this! With this intention, offer your stressed out boss babe a subscription to the Headspace meditation app for a thoughtful sentiment. Many struggles start off in the mind, so shell really appreciate the time to be tranquil with her thoughts. Headspace offers bite-sized guided meditations for her busy schedule. They have hundreds of themed sessions on everything from stress and sleep to focus and anxiety. 

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Gift Ideas for Pressing Pause

20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs to help press pause | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas #presspause #slowliving

13. Axel and Ash Journal

Press PAUSE journal is designed to allow the entrepreneur in your life to take time out each week to curl up in her fave spot and re-calibrate. Filled with fun questions, thought-provoking prompts, inspiring stories and 52 weekly journaling pages. It’s a place to explore ideas & desires, celebrate the highs, reflect on the lows; jot down her thoughts, feelings & experiences to keep forever. Honestly, this journal is an incredible way to start the new year on a more intentional path.

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14. Urbivore Cork Yoga Mat

Urbivore stands for Urban Herbivore, so this yoga mat is the perfect purchase for the plant-based babe in your life. Made from cork, a sustainable and long lasting material these yoga mats are designed to be eco-friendly. Since cork is a natural material, it absorbs any moisture from hot yoga, making an even better grip for downward facing dog. Plus, cork has anti-microbial properties so you won’t have to worry about a smelly mat during savasana.

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15. Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill your friends cup back up with this elegant essential oil diffuser – a more natural way to elevate her wellbeing. Integrated into a meditative home practice, these quality aromas are sure to soothe after a long day of creating. Vitruvi’s diffusers are high-quality porcelain, making for a beautifully mindful self-care ritual. Or even a stunning piece of decor!

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16. Sugarmat Yoga Set

Introducing a yoga set you’ll probably want to live in. Sugarmat’s outfits are designed to add the perfect feminine touch to your practice. To top it off, they are built for maximum performance with padded support. The yogi in your life will be happy to know these sets are made from ethical materials that are sustainable and non-toxic. Also for the nomadic entrepreneur in your life, Sugarmat creates the prettiest travel yoga mats that fold right up and can be used to practice around the globe.

Use code SUGARLAURA for a sweet 10% discount.

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Gift Ideas for Self-Care

20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs for their self-care | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas #selfcare

17. Soul CBD Oil

Soul CBDs mission is to provide people with highest quality, all natural solutions for discomfort, anxiety, inflammation, sleep and digestion in order to improve overall health and help them thrive. Their product lines range from creams to oils, gummies, bath bombs, and capsules infused with CBD. That means you can find help in every way, shape and form. As an entrepreneur, anxiety can be a real struggle, so this miracle product does the trick to increase well-being and relaxation.

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18. Wellness Weighted Blanket from Indigo

What’s better for self-care than a nap?! This weighted blanket provides the soothing comfort of a hug. It delivers balanced pressure from evenly distributed glass beads for the ultimate serenity. Undoubtedly, weighted blankets are known for reducing stress and improving sleep, which is especially beneficial to those ladies running a creative business!

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19. Bodha Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Gift the power of therapeutic aromatherapy through this wonderfully scented eye pillow. The ultimate self-care starts with releasing facial tension and calming your mind. Of course, that’s thanks to the blend of lavender and chamomile flowers. Without a doubt, Bodha is the perfect complement to any beauty, meditation or sleep ritual for anyone who needs to decompress.

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20. Mala Soy Candle

Indulge in a hand-poured soy candle designed to bring comfort and relaxation into the modern home. With scents like Cereal, Cozy, Date Night, and Sundays, these aromas will allow for a heavenly moment of self-care. Mala is a sustainable brand without compromising on quality or aesthetics. The eco-conscious creative in your life will love that these candles are made from recycled and recyclable materials! Bonus points: every purchase helps fund a tree planting program.

Use code OHCOCOON15 for 15% off at checkout with the link below.

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Which is your favourite of these 20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs? Do you have other female-owned businesses that you’re happy to support? Leave a comment below to share the #smallbusiness love and empower other creative women.

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20 gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs | ohcocoon.com | #giftguide #creativeentrepreneur #giftideas


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