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Top 5 Places to Unplug with Intention

Maybe you can agree, the creative life gets overwhelming. The lack of creativity is easily instilled by staying sedentary for too long and connected to our screens for hours on end. Then it isn’t long before the concrete jungle and hustle begin to feel bland. Luckily, we’re sharing with you the secret to getting back […]


Best Books to Adopt a Mindset of Success

Sometimes your days are flying by and you are being the best version of yourself. (Take a moment to give yourself a big hug and pat on the back for getting there)! Then there are other days when you don’t seem to be going anywhere. We get it, being your own boss can be a […]


The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business

Stressing out, getting stuck, burning the candle at both ends? You’re not alone, girlfriend. When you’re getting deep brain fog and not being able to concentrate on getting a single thing done then this guide is for you. Yes, you can meditate, and you can journal to be more mindful in business and all of […]


Self-care as a Creative Entrepreneur, Without the Price Tag

There’s no denying that self-care has become one of the trendiest words of the year. Agreed, we’ve also jumped on the wagon because, well, self-care feels good. That doesn’t mean though that it consists of filling your home with bathbombs, candles, chocolate bars and flowers just to be a part of the #selfcare girlgang. So, […]


Foods to Fuel Your Focus and Creativity

Creative ruts can hit, hard. It happens to us all when the pages are blank and you feel like an empty vessel, thinking – “what hasn’t already been done? There are times where that a cup of coffee might just not be able to fix because you’re running on empty. Just like all well-oiled machines, […]


Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

It happens to us all. Three o’clock is rolling around and we’re just staring at the time or mindlessly scrolling on Instagram to get inspiration. Maybe you’re even Pinning new ways to stimulate your creative juices. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, except – it’s actually a huge killer for creativity. Really! Your mind is […]


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