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Easy Ways to Integrate Wellness as an Entrepreneur

In this digital age when everything (seemingly) needs immediate attention and our priorities are locked on our inbox, or incoming notifications, it’s time to make changes. It’s become essential to make a mindset shift in caring for your own well-being. By prioritizing yourself, both you and your business can thrive sustainably. Take a few minutes to explore these five easy, but effective ways to integrate wellness as an entrepreneur.

Surround Yourself with Plants

Besides being a pretty sight, indoor plants have amazing benefits for your health and wellness. They naturally reduce the amount of pollutants in the surrounding area, therefore increase the quality of the air you breathe. Exposure to plants is also proven to boost creativity (yay!), help productivity and reduce fatigue. A home office shouldn’t be all work and not play, right? Plants bring in fun to the grind and decorate your space with natural beauty.

Experts suggest one plant per 100 square feet of space, so its time to get that green thumb going! Check out these plant babies by The Sill that are delivered directly to your home (in the USA). They even offer helpful care instructions too! So don’t fret if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, their kits have plants that are considered super low maintenance.

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Drink Adaptogenic Mushrooms

It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs carburate with tons of coffee. Does that sound like you too? Except that coffee can have massive downfalls if taken consistently in large quantities, like dehydration and overstimulation of your stress hormones. That’s where adaptogens come in! These are herbs and fungi that help your body adapt to different stressors, so you’re not constantly putting your body through a hard time with high cortisol levels.

Adaptogenic mushroom extracts like cordyceps are made to elevate your energy in a completely natural way and keep it sustained without the afternoon crash. Looking for more cognitive focus? Try some lion’s mane. If you’re needing a boost for your immune system, drink some chaga instead. Another favourite for integrating wellness as an entrepreneur is the powerhouse reishi mushroom that is meant to help chill and feel calm after a long day. Find all of these “magic” mushrooms here as pure extracts. You can also get them as coffee blend if you’re not quite ready to kick the caffeine habit just yet.

Easy Ways to Integrate Wellness as an Entrepreneur | ohcocoon.com | #wellness #entrepreneur #adaptogens #mushrooms #onshrooms
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Indulge in Sound Bathing

Keep your clothes on; this isn’t a typical bath! Sound bathing is submerging yourself into an elevated state using specific wave lengths. You can easily find playlists on YouTube or Spotify by searching for “binaural beats”; which is a fancy way of saying “different wave lengths played simultaneously to your left and right brain”.

Start by laying down with your eyes closed, lights dimmed, and noise-cancelling headphones. Make sure to set a good 30-45 minutes of free time ahead of you. By indulging in binaural beats, you’ll cultivate a deep relaxation of your body and mind simply through the various frequencies.

Pick one or more from the list below based on your current needs:

  • 174 Hz – Helps with healing pain, especially headaches. 
  • 285 Hz – Influences your energetic field.
  • 396 Hz – Frees your fears, eliminates your limiting beliefs, reduces anxiety, promotes self-confidence and positive thinking.
  • 417 Hz – Aids in accepting change, reduces the weight from past negative experiences.
  • 432 Hz – Great sound wave for inducing sleep and calming your central nervous system.
  • 528 Hz – Repairs your DNA, activates your intuition, helps to better make use of your brain by calming your inner dialogue, boosts your immune system.
  • 639 Hz – Helps to heal relationships, aids your ability for compassion, increases self-love.
  • 741 Hz – Connecting to your intuition and tapping into your creativity. 

What frequency would you put on? 741 Hz is sounding pretty good right about now for wellness as an entrepreneur!

Invest in Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

What is blue-light you might ask? Honey, if you’re staring at a screen all day, this one’s especially for you. It’s a light wave being emitted by laptops, computers, cell phones and all screens that is contributing to your eye strain.

It can be harmful in several ways, leading not only towards migraines, ocular dryness and irritation, but also is known to provoke macular degeneration later on in life. Blue light also keeps you up at night by disturbing your natural sleep cycle.

Why you need blue-light blocking glasses immediately? It will aid in your sleeping patterns and helping you get better beauty rest. And there’s nothing better than that! Browse for a pair of glasses that will protect you from these awful effects and aid in your overall wellness.

Easy Ways to Integrate Wellness as an Entrepreneur | ohcocoon.com | #wellness #entrepreneur #essentialoils #diffuser Vitruvi
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Diffuse Essential Oils

Whether you’re stressed, congested, or having trouble sleeping, there’s an oil for everything. Literally, you can find an essential oil for any ailment you are experiencing and it’s all natural. For a sure-fire boost of energy, try a citrus or peppermint blend. Use it with a Vitruvi essential oil diffuser right on your desk and let your sense of smell sing with joy.

Not only are their stone diffusers of utmost quality, they’re also super aesthetic for your home office! Plus, with so many essential oil blends to choose from like lavender for anxiety, or chamomile for PMS. (If it doesn’t work, check out how to Make Your Menstrual Cycle work with Your Business).

Bask in the Healing Energy of Crystals

This can be a little too woo-woo for some people, but if you are down with the healing energy of crystals, it can be a huge plus for your well-being. If you’re just getting started with crystals, the two best types to have in your office are selenite and clear quartz; but you can go for other ones that have properties that sound good to your needs.

Why selenite? It’s a protective stone that will shield you from outside influences (especially negative ones). It will help protect your focus and clarity so you feel less distracted. Clear quartz on the other hand, is a powerful stone for manifestation. It will expand consciousness, eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. Quartz opens up the mind, increasing oxygen, and therefore the flow of creativity.

Have you been able to integrate these in your business? Feel free to add more tips in the comments below on how you have sparked wellness as an entrepreneur.

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Easy Ways to Integrate Wellness as an Entrepreneur | ohcocoon.com | #wellness #entrepreneur #soundbathing #healingcrystals #houseplants


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