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Foods to Fuel Your Focus and Creativity

Creative ruts can hit, hard. It happens to us all when the pages are blank and you feel like an empty vessel, thinking – “what hasn’t already been done? There are times where that a cup of coffee might just not be able to fix because you’re running on empty. Just like all well-oiled machines, our brains need fuel to properly function. Here is our curated list of foods to fuel your focus and nourish from the inside, so that creativity pours out.

Evive Smoothie

How does a vegan, organic, superfood smoothie sound? Like there’s literally nothing better to put into your body. The concept behind Evive Smoothie is their smoothies come delivered straight to your door in frozen ready-to-use cubes. Plus, these superfood smoothies don’t require a blender to make! Just pop the cubes in a mason jar, add in the liquid of your choice and shake it up until melted. That’s 30-seconds to make and no mess. How’s that for eating healthy even when you’re busy?!

Now, for the best part! Use the discount code LAURAA10 for $10 off your first purchase and free shipping (Canada + USA).

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Grab Those Nuts

As funny as that sounds, we’re not joking. Grab a handful of nuts when you’re feeling snack-y and your think tank will be grateful. Be sure though to skip the ones with added salt or spices (chemicals) designed to create fancy nut mixes. The easiest way to remember is that walnuts actually look like a little brain when you crack it open. 

Not only will they help your brain function, but the DHA and healthy fats will keep you satiated for longer. That’s the key to staying focused rather than being distracted by hunger pangs or sugar cravings.

Avocados for Days

You probably don’t need much convincing to eat this green God-sent fruit every day. They are chock-full of fibre, enhance blood flow and delivers oxygen to your brain cells. Plus they’re so versatile that they’re so easy to integrate into your daily diet. Think avocado toast, avo-berry smoothie, poke bowls, guacamole, sushi … are you drooling, yet?

Get Cracking for Eggs

Eggs for the win! This food doesn’t get enough credit for all its brain-boosting functions. Eggs are full of choline which is an essential nutrient to help support energy levels and key neurotransmitters for mental focus and learning. A great way to incorporate eggs without having to cook them is to add it to your morning smoothie, plus it gives it a nice frothy texture. 

Something Fishy  

Salmon, mackerel, seabass, trout, sardines, oysters, you name it. Eating fish has shown radical benefits for the function of your brain through its rich source of Omega 3. These fatty acids are miracle workers when it comes to improving memory and reducing inflammation. If you don’t have fresh fish sources available to you, we suggest keeping a handy dose of Omega 3 supplements not too far from your desk.

Dark Chocolate, Baby

Let’s be honest, who can resist chocolate? This is just another excuse to eat an extra square (or two) of that bar we know you’re hiding in the cupboard anyway! Go ahead, girl, because those flavanols will do your brain some goooood. We’re talking a serious release of those happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins, along with dilating your vessels causing more oxygen to flow. All this  boosts confidence and gets the creativity oozing right out of you.

Discover Something New

Exploring new sights and sounds is one of the best ways to get creative. But we can’t all just pack up and go on to a private jet for high tea time in London. (Imagine, though?!). That’s why we love to have random foods in the fridge ready for when we need a dose of new. Go to an Asian market and pick up a mangosteen, or a karela bitter melon from the Caribbean and allow your taste buds to fly.

So, next time you go to open up the fridge and search for the answers to your creative dilemma, keep in mind these top foods to fuel your focus and munch away. If that doesn’t work, then we also have these great yoga routines to get you inspired.

What do you normally do to keep your creative juices flowing? Let us know below!

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