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How to Cultivate Community as an Introverted Creative

It’s no secret that most creatives are introverts and need solitude to recharge. There’s nothing wrong with some alone time, but what happens when you also work from home? It can get challenging to meet new people and cultivate community. Or sometimes you’re just looking for someone to brainstorm ideas with? Or maybe you need help answering questions for your business and feel stuck!

It can look like this: go to social media for inspiration. Resent the time spent online because it feels like “everything is already being done”. Feel lonely, and curl up in solitude.

Does that sound all too familiar?

It’s time to shift your perception on these platforms and realize they are incredibly powerful to connect with other creative women across the world. From ideas that are financial investments, to ways that are absolutely free; discover below how to find like-minded women to embrace this entrepreneurial journey.

Some options below are IRL, while others are totally online so you don’t even need to trade your yoga pants for jeans. Either way, there are lots of options to cultivate community with other introverted creatives!

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Travel with Pangea Dreams

Pangea Dreams – This is not an ordinary trip! Pangea Dreams is a global community of change-makers, though leaders and creatives alike. Their week-long intensive retreats are educational and experiential. You learn about perfecting content creation, securing brand sponsorships, improving photography skills, SEO tips and much more. All of this while exploring bucket-list destinations around the world with like-minded women. Once a part of the Pangea Dreams family, you are connected to industry experts via their exclusive Facebook group. This group is incredible for continued support as well as invitations to PD meetups and the annual alumni retreat.

Use the discount code LAURAA550 for $550 USD off your trip when applying for a retreat through their website. Also, feel free to send Oh Cocoon a DM for any questions regarding this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Participate in Local Workshops

Toastmasters – With locations all around the world, Toastmasters is the club to join to improve communication and build leadership skills. Each group gathers once a week to practice public speaking and helping you get a dose of community if you’re the introverted creative type. Joining a club that meets weekly is a great place to start for building lasting relationships.

Book Club – Not all activities need to be related to business! By joining a monthly book club, you can just have an excuse to get out of the house and cultivate community with other book lovers. It will keep you reading, learning and escaping into another Universe. Reading helps to disconnect, which is the best way to come up with creative ideas. For other ways to unplug, read: Top Five Places to Unplug with Intention.

The Gym – Going to the gym can be an equally lonely place if you’re just lifting weights or running on the treadmill. Take the time to see if your gym offers group classes like pilates or zumba and make an effort to connect with a familiar face you see every week in class. It will help give you that accountability to actually use that gym membership you pay for every month!

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Go to a Conference

RISE The RISE Women’s conference is a weekend of high vibes, motivation and personal growth. These high end conferences are designed to help you reach your full potential. Led by one of the most inspirational business women of our time, Rachel Hollis, this is a must-experience event for all #goalgetters. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your business mindset or instill better health and wellness practices, you’re guaranteed to find transformation.

Create & Cultivate Powerhouse CEO, Jaclyn Johnson, has brought to life many creative’s dreams in her one-day Create & Cultivate conference. It’s filled with panels, pop ups, fire-side chats, live podcast recordings and all the cute ‘grammable backdrops you can imagine. These conferences focus on what it takes to bring your career to the next level as a modern working woman. Which can be especially challenging in the ever changing digital landscape.

Girlboss Rally Sophia Amoruso, the mastermind behind the Girlboss empire, has launched an event! The mission behind it is to help ambitious women find their support system IRL. A full day of keynote speakers and workshops, the Girlboss Rally is the ultimate experience for cultivating community. The company also recently launched a “LinkedIn” platform exclusively for women to keep the community thriving and encourage #womensupportingwomen. This new networking app is for entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, professionals, side hustlers and executives to network, engage and collaborate.

Download Networking Apps

Bumble – No, Bumble is not just for dating! you can find a business bestie and best friend forever through their separate Bumble Bizz & Bumble BFF platforms via the same app. Their fun prompts on people’s profiles are a real time saver, making for easy ice breakers. So you can skip the small talk and get straight to connecting.

Hey Vina – Self-proclaimed, the Tinder for finding girl friends, Hey Vina is an app to help ladies connect. This is a platform for women who love to travel, have relocated to a new city or just to find a like-minded social circle.

Meetup – Meeting friends that have the same interests gets harder and harder as you grow older, especially as an introvert who would rather stay in than need to put pants on. However, by downloading Meetup, you get access to thousands of gatherings based on really unique experiences. Looking to hike a mountain? Practice a language? Learn to make sushi? Then Meetup is the place to find your people that you know at least have one thing in common.

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Join a Membership

FLIK – The Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge, FLIK is a community hub allowing female founders to discover apprentices to work with. By becoming a member, you have access to their portal of phenomenal talent to get helping hands for your business growth. On the other side, if you’re just starting out, it is an incredible platform to sign up and find a mentor in your field. It’s a win-win situation where FLIK celebrates diverse narratives of women from all walks of life to increase female-led ventures.

Founders Fund – Created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, the Founders Fund is an online accelerator to help grow find success as a founder, but also invest in others. You can join as either a mentor or a funder and learn to build a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem without going at it alone. In doing so, you have access to funding, digital resources and IRL events for cultivating community.

Boss Babe Société – This is the place where female entrepreneurs cultivate community, build and grow. By joining the Boss Babe Société, you’ll get the framework for starting or scaling your creative business. Their courses range from the idea stage all the way up to six-figures and beyond. The blueprint includes the five pillars for success – purpose, audience, systems, revenue, and growth along with a community of other #BossBabes for support along the way.

Interact in Facebook Groups

Creative Lady Collective – There is honestly no shortage of Facebook groups to find other creative women, so feel free to join as many as your heart desires. A rapidly growing group that’s worth mentioning is the Creative Lady Collective. You can expect women exploring new creative passions and giving constructive feedback. Writing an introductory post as you’re accepted into each group is a great way to instantly connect with other creatives. Cultivate community by interacting with members as they share their stories as well.

Society Gal – Being a Society Gal is a great way to connect with other creative entrepreneurs from the comfort of your own home. Their networking platform intentionally creates connection and inspiration, so you’re not jumping on the entrepreneurial train by yourself. Topics explored go from client advice, pricing suggestions and even helping find font choices for logos; a few things any creative can appreciate.

Creative Gal Gang – The place to be for support and advice from badass women in the creative, influencer and blogging industry: Creative Gal Gang group. Starting a creative business no longer needs to be a place where you feel isolated, lonely and confused. CGG brings a flair of fun to being your own boss and coming up with creative ideas in your yoga pants!

What’s your favourite tip to cultivate community as an introverted creative? Have you taken action on any of these and gotten results? Comments below are always welcome! Please share this with the creatives in your life to continue to spread the support.

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