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Make Your Menstrual Cycle Work with Your Business

It’s time to shed the stigma around period-talk. We’re here to talk about how to create synergy with your menstrual cycle to make it work with your business. Yep, it’s possible to be productive on your period! Once you understand the fundamentals of the four phases of your cycle, you’ll be able to harness your energy to sync it with your business into a harmonious experience. No more overwhelm or feeling overly sensitive when people notice you’re fully in PMS mode.

Period-positive basics

Here are the basics: your cycle is broken down into four phases which last for approximately 28 days. Your business goals are generally laid out for each month. Coincidence? Or pure genius? We like to think the latter.

By understanding the ups and downs that show up in our cycles, it’s easier to plan around them. These guidelines will help you get the ultimate productivity regardless of which phase you’re currently in and how to have an amazing relationship with your cycle.

Make Your Menstrual Cycle Work with Your Business | | #menstrualcycle #business #productivity #period

The Follicular Phase

Lasting for 14 days, the follicular phase is when you’re a true creative goddess. Your brain is wired for great ideas thanks to the increase in estrogen. It’s time to brainstorm those big dreams of yours, initiate projects and plan for the month ahead. You’ll be super high energy so it’s the perfect time to get into your creative mode.

The Ovulation Period

Although the actual ovulation period is only 24 hours, prepare to be a real Chatty Cathy for about 7 days! Here your brain is poised to be most verbal. You’ll want to communicate and collaborate – so plan those podcasts, pitches, workshops, video recordings or social media lives. You’ll be energetically more attractive, so it’s a great time for networking with other creative entrepreneurs or potential clients around you.

The Luteal Phase, aka PMS

This is where the urge to cocoon will hit. For the next 14 days, you’ll naturally feel the need to slow down due to the increase in progesterone. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be unproductive during this time! During the luteal phase, take the time to unwind by finishing off projects, get on top of your admin work, accounting, sending invoices and those tasks that might seem daunting as a creative. The upside is that during PMS, you’ll be much more detail oriented, so those tasks will flow more easily.

Menstruation Time

Menstrual time is roughly 5-7 days and overlaps slightly with the follicular phase depending on your personal cycle. It’s now the time to focus on reflection, introspection and hone in on your intuition. As you shed, it’s the phase where you get a greater sense of what needs to shift in your business. We know this is the period (no pun intended) when we’re feeling our worst, but it’s no reason to be out of commission for the week. Your left and right brain hemispheres will both be equally activated, so you can take advantage by pouring yourself into research for future projects.

Make Your Menstrual Cycle Work with Your Business | #menstrualcycle #period #productivityhack #menstruation #periodtalk

Cultivating Self-Care for Each Phase with Lunaa Adaptogens

As women, we’re often told that suffering through our PMS days, cramps and bloating is completely normal. Mercifully, that doesn’t have to be your story any more. Thanks to the magic of adaptogens: which are all natural herbs designed to help your body adapt to stress. Now, you can actually have a happy and healthy menstrual cycle.

Introducing Lunaa Adaptogens; a female-owned small business dedicated to elevate your menstrual cycle by helping you balance your hormones. Their mission is to help soothe your PMS and painful periods, enhance your sexual desire, support your immune system, sync your cycle, improve your energy and master your mood.

Their four proprietary blends of adaptogens and superfoods are 100% organic and are specifically designed to support you during each phase of your cycle. Simply blend in a teaspoon of the powders with your morning coffee, smoothie or elixir of your choice. It’s the secret to success every female entrepreneur needs to know about in order to feel her best. That’s why we’re shouting this brand from the rooftops!

Lunaa even offers an affordable subscription model, so the blends arrive at your door every month like clockwork, just like Aunt Flo. That’s one less thing you have to think of on your to-do list to make your menstrual cycle work with your business! Check out this post for a breakdown on their blends and the exact adaptogens used to balance your hormones.

Save 10% on your order by using the discount code: OHCOCOON10. You’ll actually look forward to getting your period. More details here.

Lunaa Adaptogen organic blends to help you through your menstrual phases. Four amber bottles designed to balance your hormones.

How to Make this Work with Your Biz

The advantage of lining up what you’re working on with your menstrual cycle is so you will feel more balanced in life and business. An effective way is to colour code your calendar starting with the first day of your period so that you’ll know at a glance which type of mood you’ll be in when scheduling meetings and tasks. You’ll experience a way of operating that will honour your body so you’re not pushing yourself constantly or feeling frustrated with your emotions.

If you’re still struggling, read this guide on The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business, and find other ideas that will lead you to being a creative goddess.

Have you experimented with making your menstrual cycle work for your business? Leave a comment if you have other body productivity hacks!

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Make Your Menstrual Cycle Work with Your Business | | #menstrualcycle #business #productivity #period
Make Your Menstrual Cycle Work with Your Business


  1. Lindsey says:

    I love this! Have recognized each of these behaviours but never thought to align them with my business tasks!

    • Laura Abate says:

      So happy this brought value to you! Let me know if you end up implementing it and notice a difference in your productivity!

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