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Sugarmat offers the prettiest yoga mats and activewear you'll ever lay your eyes on. Every collection is designed in collaboration with an artist and offers a complete matching set of accessories like yoga blocks, straps, yoga mat carrying case, and darling outfits. Feel good during your savana knowing that Sugarmat even donates a part of proceeds to charities in need.

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Evive Smoothie

Delivered frozen directly to your door, Evive Smoothies are the epitome of convenience and healthy eating. Their 13 flavours offer a delicious smoothie without the hassle. Simply pop the cubes in a mason jar, add a liquid of your choice and shake. Every blend is vegan, organic, gluten-free, no sugar added and even has superfoods!

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Mala the Brand

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Too cute you almost won't want to burn them, these aesthetic soy wax candles are all natural and eco-friendly. Offered with the traditional cotton wicks or with wooden wicks that crackle like a mini fireplace. On top of it all, Mala the Brand plants a tree with each purchase.

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Lunaa Adaptogens


Take control of your menstrual cycle with Lunaa Adaptogens! These four organic adaptogen blends are intentionally crafted to balance your hormones, throughout the four phases of your cycle. Benefits include soothing PMS and painful periods, syncing your cycle, elevating your energy, and mastering your mood. Side benefit: you'll actually look forward to your period.

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Cocooning Care Package

Includes affirmations, journaling prompts and self-care tools to help you take care in times of overwhelm.

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