The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business -


The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business

Stressing out, getting stuck, burning the candle at both ends? You’re not alone, girlfriend. When you’re getting deep brain fog and not being able to concentrate on getting a single thing done then this guide is for you. Yes, you can meditate, and you can journal to be more mindful in business and all of those ideas are amazing at getting your mind refocused. But sometimes, they just don’t work… and then what?

As a creative, your mind is constantly searching for innovative ideas, and as entrepreneurs you’re always calculating or analyzing possibilities. It can get mentally exhausting. That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate guide to create more mindfully so that you’re not unintentionally abusing of your brain power.

Step away from the problem

Changing your focus is probably the best way to find answers. Your subconscious mind will still be working hard to solve the problem while your conscious mind can now shift its energy towards something else. Like how someone else always seems to have the answers to your problems, it’s because they aren’t so involved and can look at it from an outsider’s perspective. You’ll want that fresh point of view for your problem too.

Shut out all other distractions

It’s no wonder you can’t get through your to-do list if every few minutes you get distracted by a DM, a notification, an email or a call. Don’t let those distractions become your priority. By putting your phone on silent – or better yet, in a different room – you can seriously power through. If you can’t hack that addiction, download apps to do it for you like SelfControl that will block your socials for a certain amount of time. These will really help break the habit of checking every time a notification comes through.

What if your work is social media based and you need to respond right away? Honestly, you really don’t. Schedule in time to respond to everyone at once so you’re not opening Instagram 79 times a day. Which leads to the next point below…

Intentionally batching your tasks

Assuming you’re already the organized type that likes to schedule everything and colour coordinate your calendar with your tasks, you might still be missing out on a key idea. Batching! Meaning, write all of your content on one day, take all of your photos on the next, and do admin work on another. Don’t try to mash everything together because you’ll get nowhere. By journaling your intentions, you’ll more likely be able to stay on track.

The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business | | #mindful #business #guide

Listen to podcasts

Often times if you go to meditate, you can’t seem to shut off your brain from thinking of your problem. Then you get stressed because it felt like a waste of time. Cue the anxiety. Right?

One way to eliminate this downward spiral and be more mindful in business is to put on a podcast and soak in knowledge. It’s an effective way to get out of your own head, get inspired and fired up all at once.

Here are some of our faves:

  • Rise by Rachel Hollis; for tangible tips in personal development.
  • Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher; practical guides on growing a creative business.
  • Self-Care Sunday by Kayley Reed; how to make caring for yourself a priority.
  • Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina; manifesting the life you’re dreaming about.
  • Bucci Radio by Amanda Bucci; diving deeper into health, mindset and strategic growth.


It’s easy to get into negative self-talk, especially when you’re working on your own and your only teammate is your cat taking a snooze and that’s all you want to be doing right now. That’s why but putting reminders on your phone throughout the day, you’ll get a boost to keep going and being positive. Add reminders like “My success is inevitable”, “My voice matters”, “People are loving my content”, “I am on the right path”, and you’re instantly brought back on the right path to being a better version of yourself.

But here is another important aspect we ladies often forget. Include down time and time for yourself in there! Whether it’s for a walk at 3pm, a simple yoga flow routine, getting a meal prepped or watch a video on a topic that brings you value. Our favourite is scheduling in a FaceTime call with other ladies in business. It’s such a game changer to know you’re not in it alone and you can actually speak to another human (giving your cat a break too!)

Do you have another tip to be more mindful in business that gets the trick done? Maybe you also just need a snack and to feel better and fuel your brain for better focus. Get the discussion going below!


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The Ultimate Guide to be More Mindful in Business | | #mindful #business #guide


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