Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing -


Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

It happens to us all. Three o’clock is rolling around and we’re just staring at the time or mindlessly scrolling on Instagram to get inspiration. Maybe you’re even Pinning new ways to stimulate your creative juices. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, except – it’s actually a huge killer for creativity. Really! Your mind is now going into a reactive phase rather than actually harnessing focus on your tasks, and before you know it, the past half an hour has been a total waste.

What’s worse than that? You tend to feel even less creative once you get back to your tasks because now you’re feeling like everything has already been done. Ah, the joys of comparison. But, there’s hope! Instead of scrolling away, unroll your yoga mat and take a 10 minute break. Tune in with your body get started with these 5 positions – twists, inversions, flexibility enhancers, strength building, and a meditation sequence – to get back in the game. Go for it, you deserve it.

Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing | | #creativejuices #creativity #yoga #yogaposes #sugarmat

Make it Sweet

There’s no hiding it; sometimes getting in a workout spirit can seem daunting. But sweetening the experience with the most adorable yoga outfits and accessories definitely helps get in the mood. That’s where Sugarmat comes in to have you feeling like the prettiest yogi in the room and get your creative juices flowing. Their chic ensembles and yoga mats are made to match and allow you to delve into fashionable and spiritual wonderment from anywhere. Specializing in lightweight travel mats that fold perfectly and unroll wherever your heart desires to delve into your practice.

The sweetest part? Save 10% when you use the code “SUGARLAURA” at checkout. Now, get ready to stretch it out!

Get it Twisted, Girl

Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the mat, hip distance apart. Your arms stretch out in the shape of the letter T. Gently bring your left leg over the right leg and twist so your legs fall to the right of your body. Hold for 5 breaths then come back to a neutral position. Repeat with your right leg over your left and twist the opposite way for another 5 breaths. While twisting, your spine will compress muscles and organs, which blocks the flow of blood for a fresh rush of circulation once you release your pose. And voilà, you are getting a renewed batch of oxygen and nutrients to your vitals.

Inversions for Conversions

Three variations apply here depending on your energy level of the moment. Get yourself into a comfy Down-Dog, or a Dolphin Pose (with your elbows and forearms on the floor but legs extended in the air), or there’s even the Extended Puppy Pose option (bringing your knees and forearms to the mat but lifting your pelvis up in the air). As long as your head is below your heart. Heck, go into a headstand if you’re in the mood!

It feels like a literal breath of fresh air as you release any tension you have in your neck (hello, text neck, we’re looking at you.) You bring a rush of blood to your brain, (a.k.a creative juices) which gives a surge of oxygen and helps regain clarity.

Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing | | #creativejuices #creativity #yoga #yogaposes #sugarmat
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Flexibility Enhancer for the Hips

There is no shortage of yoga poses for flexibility! You could be needing to release your back, your hamstrings, your shoulders or any number of body parts at once. But what we’ve found feels best is releasing the tension in your hips. A lot of our stresses, especially as women, are being stored in our pelvic floor area. Jump into a lunge position and we’ll get started for Lizard Pose. Inch the front foot out to the side. Now, with both hands inside the knee, firmly pressed into the mat. Then, take the back knee off the mat and bring (or attempt to bring) your forearms on the ground for a deeper stretch. Remain here for 5-10 breaths and repeat for the opposite hip. Maybe one day, you can reach for the splits!

Build that Strength

Become friends with the Plank. This pose does great things for your core and for building strength in your arms, so you’ll have an easier time doing a Vinyasa flow. Not only does this get your body re-energized in a flash, but you’ll also feel that heart pumping so it’s a win-win.

Get flat on your stomach and push your entire body upwards as if you’re doing a push-up and hold it here. If you’re feeling extra today, go for an Extended Side Plank and let your heart shine forward. Feels great doesn’t it?

Meditation and Intention

This one is called Sukhasana, but you already know how to get into position. Start in a seated typical Indian pose with your hands on your knees, palms to the sky. Straighten the spine and butterfly those legs a little bit. Close your eyes as you begin the connect with your breath. Inhale, exhale. Feel the tension just melt away. Sit there for a good 5 minutes or what ever amount of time feels right for today. Open your eyes and put a smile on those lips. Set your intention for getting back to your desk and watch as your creative juices flow with a newfound sense of purpose.

Have you tried this out? What was your outcome? Or let us know what your favourite way is to your juices going again? If you’re still struggling, try out Foods to Fuel Your Focus and Creativity.

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Yoga Poses to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing | | #yogaposes #creativejuices #yoga


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